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Ancient Graffiti Project Metadata README

This repository contains metadata standards and guidelines for the Ancient Graffiti Project.


  • agp-epidoc-template.xml EpiDoc template for AGP records. AGP fields appear in curly brackets inside relevant EpiDoc tags.
  • AGPtoEpiDoc.csv AGP fields with corresponding EpiDoc markup.
  • Database tables for EDR records, AGP inscriptions, properties, and controlled vocabulary.
  • drawing-vocab-skos.xml Custom controlled vocabulary for figural graffiti or "drawings." Has been added to EAGLE's Decoration Controlled Vocabulary.
  • EDREpigraphicConventionConversionToEpiDoc.pdf Crosswalk between EDR epigraphic conventions and EpiDoc guidelines.
  • herculaneum_properties.csv List of all property names and numbers in Herculanium in CSV format.
  • herculaneum_properties.json List of all property names and numbers in Herculanium in JSON format.
  • property-type-skos.xml Custom property types controlled vocabulary expressed in SKOS.

Data Access

Inscription data can be exported in EpiDoc, JSON, or CSV from search results.


Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)