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"Clone" of the RPG Maker XP Tileset Flag Interface
C C++
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TileAttEditor - "Tile Attribute Editor"


This is a small, standalone program for GNU/Linux and Windows
which I wrote during my winter holidays
to emulate the way so called 'Tileset Flags'
(my program calls them 'Tile Attributes')
are manipulated in the proprietary application
"RPG Maker XP" (created by Enterbrain).

This includes things as, for example, setting
which tiles of a tileset are passable by the character,
and which are not.

This program is licensed under the zlib license (see COPYING),
although the code is utter trash and does not even
deserve to be public domain to be honest with you.


This program requires:
Any recent gnome distribution should have these
installed by default. You will, however, need the 
respective -dev/-devel packages to compile.


Simply switch into the src/ directory and type "make";
if all dependencies are installed everything should go well.
The resulting executable 'TileAttEditor' can be copied
to and run from anywhere.
Although it is standalone, it does save a config file
in $HOME/.local/share/TileAttEditor/


Actually, this program was written just for fun and
I do not expect anyone to ever stumble upon it in the first place.
In the very unlikely case that you did, and you are
having problems or experiencing crashes, just shoot me a mail.


The 'cairo_scale_surface()' method was stolen from a
post on the cairo mailing list by Owen Taylor,
although I made some modifications.

I learned how to do dnd support by looking at the
dnd code of 'Mousepad' (written by Tarot Osuji).
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