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OVZ-Backup is a small python script that creates ploop snapshots of OpenVZ containers and backs them up with rsync. It can either back up all OpenVZ containers, or be given a list of container IDs that it should either back up or exclude. All errors from OpenVZ and rsync are logged with syslog. OVZ-Backup can also take a list of users or email addresses that should be notified when errors occur.

To send error messages using email you must first set up a local SMTP relay that can forward email to an SMTP server.

More information and instructions for configuring an SMTP relay is available here:


ovz-backup [OPTIONS] snapshot_path [conf_path]


Path to where snapshot backups shall be stored.


Sets a separate path for storing configuration backups.
The snapshot path is used by default.


-h, --help

Show help message

-i CTIDS [CTIDS ...], --ctids CTIDS [CTIDS ...]

List of CTIDs to either back up or exclude.

-e, --exclude

Back up all containers except those provided in the CTID list.

-d, --debug

Print out all backup commands instead of executing them. No changes will be made.

-v, --verbose

Be verbose.

-t MAILTO, --mailto MAILTO

Mail address to send error messages to.


Only back up the containers 101, 102, and 103. Store configuration files in a separate directory. In this example a double dash (--) is needed to tell OVZ-Backup to stop parsing arguments as CTIDs and use the final two arguments as the backup path. -v -i 101 102 103 --

Back up all containers except 101 and send error messages to and -t -t -i 101 -e -v

Back up all containers and send error messages to root. Do a test run without creating snapshots or writing any data. -t root -d -v