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TicTacToe By Andrew Easterling

Link to game:

Link to repo:

Link to Wireframes and User Stories.

List of technologies used:
    Front-end: HTML, CSS, SCSS JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap
    Back-end: Rails, ajax, jQuery

Development Process:

  I started working out the overall design for my website the weekend before we
were set to start the project. I started with wireframes and user stories, as
recommended by the guide. The wireframe was simple but still ended up being more
complicated than my final project. This was because I didn't fully understand
the requirements when I was designing it.
  When it came time to actually start building out the website I started first
with building the web-page. I used bootstrap to design my grid, since we'd just
learned about it in class and I felt like it would be a valuable learning experience.
I made the decision on the first day to use images to "fill out" my grid so that
I could ultimately switch to using gifs to add animation to my board. The images
ended up being a big headache down the road.
  On the second day I started writing the engine for the game. This part was actually
very quick for me. Once I built the click handler for the board and figured out
what to actually attach to the click handler to get the squares to respond I was
able to string together all the logic that day.
  The third day was rough for me. I started working on the API the third day and
ran into wall after wall while working on it. These troubles stemmed mostly from
my insufficient understanding of how the API worked, specifically how it passed
around data from function to function. I had a meeting Thursday morning which
cleared up a lot of confusion on these issues and I was able to get the API
working by late Thursday.
  After getting the API to work I ran into issues trying to get GitHub pages
to properly host my images that were being used in the tic tac toe board. This
lead me to ultimately rebuild the entire board using simple css and bootstrap buttons.
Once I managed to get a good looking board going on bootstrap I discovered that
the boards buttons behaved differently than the images did. Something about how they
used "this" and event targets was different and was throwing my entire engine off.
Making the board using two different methods was a valuable learning experience,
despite how frustrating it was at the time. After trouble shooting my broken engine
for a couple hours I resigned myself to having an incomplete project Friday morning
and went back to using images on my board. After finalizing some issue on the img
based board I actually ended up managing to find a work around on gitHub pages and was
able to present Friday morning using the live website!

Problem solving Strategies.
  The most valuable strategies I developed during the build were to use debugger
and console logs everywhere. These allowed me to stop the code inside functions
and use queries to find out what "this" was and where event targets pointed to.
Another method I found useful when trying to troubleshoot single functions that
were broken, especially if I suspected a missing parenthesis or a brace/bracket
was to simply retype the entire function and let the auto braces make sure everything
was where it needed to be. This managed to fix several broken chunks of code.

Unsolved Problems.
  My page isn't as responsive as I'd like it to be. It looks good at all the
default screen sizes, but looks strange in some of the transition zones. It has
something to do with how bootstrap handles padding with my divs but I haven't had
time to troubleshoot it fully yet. My web page is also pretty ugly. I didn't
have time to stylize it and so in the future I plan on making the whole thing look
more pretty. I would also like to add the ability for multiple users on a game,
and users playing over the internet.