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add custom syntax & ftdetect directories, and gcov support

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1 parent e01e6f3 commit 776471a373bf33332b7303912558680bc42bba0f @AndersDJohnson committed Feb 24, 2013
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  2. +72 −0 syntax/gcov.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+" detect gcov filetype
+au BufRead,BufNewFile *.gcov set filetype=gcov
@@ -0,0 +1,72 @@
+" Vim syntax file
+" Language: gcov (gcc coverage testing output)
+" Maintainer: Saikat Guha <>
+" Last Change: 2008 Jan 09
+" Quit when a (custom) syntax file was already loaded
+if exists("b:current_syntax")
+ finish
+" Tag lines
+syn match gcovTag "^\s*-:\s*0:" nextgroup=gcovTagName
+syn match gcovTagName contained "[^:]\+" nextgroup=gcovTagNameColon
+syn match gcovTagNameColon contained ":" nextgroup=gcovTagValue
+syn match gcovTagValue contained ".*$"
+" Source lines
+syn match gcovNoCode "^\s*-:\s*[1-9]\d*:.*"
+syn match gcovNotExecuted "^\s*#####:\s*[1-9]\d*:.*"
+syn match gcovExecuted "^\s*[1-9]\d*:\s*[1-9]\d*:.*"
+" Basic blocks
+syn match gcovBlockNotExecuted "^\s*\$\$\$\$\$:\s*[1-9]\d*-block\s\+\d*"
+syn match gcovBlockExecuted "^\s*[1-9]\d*:\s*[1-9]\d*-block\s\+\d*"
+" Branches
+syn match gcovBranchNotExecuted "^branch\s\+\d* never executed"
+syn match gcovBranchTaken "^branch\s\+\d* taken\s\+[1-9]\d*.*$"
+syn match gcovBranchNeverTaken "^branch\s\+\d* taken\s\+0.*$"
+syn match gcovUBranchNotExecuted "^unconditional\s\+\d* never executed"
+syn match gcovUBranchTaken "^unconditional\s\+\d* taken\s\+[1-9]\d*.*$"
+" Calls
+syn match gcovCallNotExecuted "^call\s\+\d* never executed"
+syn match gcovCallExecuted "^call\s\+\d* returned\s\+\d*"
+" Functions
+syn match gcovfunctionExecuted "^function\s\+\w*\s\+called\s\+[1-9]\d*.*"
+syn match gcovfunctionNotExecuted "^function\s\+\w*\s\+called\s\+0.*"
+" Define the default highlighting.
+" Only used when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
+hi def link gcovTag Ignore
+hi def link gcovTagNameColon gcovTag
+hi def link gcovTagName Statement
+hi def link gcovTagValue Identifier
+hi def link gcovNotExecuted Constant
+hi def link gcovExecuted Type
+hi def link gcovNoCode Ignore
+hi def link gcovSpecialExecuted Comment
+hi def link gcovSpecialNotExecuted Special
+hi def link gcovBlockNotExecuted gcovSpecialNotExecuted
+hi def link gcovBlockExecuted gcovSpecialExecuted
+hi def link gcovBranchNotExecuted gcovSpecialNotExecuted
+hi def link gcovBranchTaken gcovSpecialExecuted
+hi def link gcovUBranchNotExecuted gcovSpecialNotExecuted
+hi def link gcovUBranchTaken gcovSpecialExecuted
+hi def link gcovBranchNeverTaken Statement
+hi def link gcovCallNotExecuted gcovSpecialNotExecuted
+hi def link gcovCallExecuted gcovSpecialExecuted
+hi def link gcovFunctionNotExecuted gcovSpecialNotExecuted
+hi def link gcovFunctionExecuted gcovSpecialExecuted
+let b:current_syntax = "gcov"
+" vim: ts=8 sw=2

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