A set of extensions and bindings for the Javascript library KnockoutJs.
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Knockout Extensions

This project contains a number of useful extensions and databindings for the Knockout JS javascript library.

To view demos of these extensions check out the JS Fiddles below, or download the latest version of the source and run the included demo project.

Knockout Data Bindings

DataTables Binding

Supports the integration of DataTables with KnockoutJs. It supports row by row and cell by cell binding of a table to a knockout observable object array, and has basic support for AJAX based data sources.

Check out the demo project or the samples below for usage examples. Documentation of this binding is still to come...

jsFiddle Samples

(There are currently issues viewing these fiddles in IE9 due to the scripts being blocked by the browser)

Check Box List and Radio Button List Binding

This binding enhances the humble checkbox and radio button elements so they work just like a drop down and and list box elements.

JS Fiddles comming soon...

Creative Commons Licence

Knockout Extensions by Cognitive Shift is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at knockoutjs.com.