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- Rework how daemons work. Make it possible to separately configure
how many daemons you have
- Try to reduce memory usage with --rp-daemon
- Remove experimental lua support. It never worked correctly and I
doubt many people feel like it's the right language for the job if
we were to offer such a feature
- A couple of fixes regarding references in template functions/classes
which previously did not work correctly.
- Introduce --rp-daemon mode which keeps rp processes alive and caches
their translation units. This can markedly speed up indexing times
when repeatedly dirtying the same files
- Kill old translation unit cache concept which was never fully
- Make diagnostics from completions work and enable them by
default. They seem to work well and are very fast.
- Fix some warnings and build issues
- Fix by killing the
isTemplateDiagnostic concept. It can be determined by ClangIndexer
way faster.
- Fix
Do not explicitly validate the project while it's still indexing.
- Various contributions regarding completions and unsaved files
- Add support to --is-indexing for checking against a single project
- Support regex matching in the argument to --is-indexing
- Do not remove characters from the display name of FieldDecl symbols
- Add support to --remove for removing all files in
- Documentation is now available in the wiki
- Introduce rtags-asm-file which runs the compile command with -S to
produce assembler code in a buffer.
- Don't enable diagnostics automatically in `ac-init`
- Don't include private members on code completion, if not appropriate
- Fix warnings
- rtags can now installed to a tramp location
- Fix `rtags-find-file` for tramp locations.
- Diagnostics from completions can be enabled with
--completion-diagnostics. It seems quite fast but may have
bugs. We'll keep working on it.
- A nasty bug with our file system watcher and inotify would cause us
to stop getting modifications from compile_commands.json. This has
been an absolute thorn in RTags' side for years. I'm extremely
pleased to finally have found this bug. This very severely
impacted my personal rtags experience and likely has for lots of
other people as well.
- Fix a weird edge-case bug when running rdm with --no-realpath and
re-running without this switch (and vice-verse)
- Seemingly improved performance for completions due to better
handling of unsaved files. Apparently stdin and processes in emacs
are not our friends. Tempfiles on the other hand seem to be
significantly faster.
- Make skipped ranges work again.
- Add a new feature, rtags-find-dead-functions (Issue #1152)
- Various contributions that improve code completion
- Fix an issue when jumping to macro definition from a macro
- Fix issue #1214. Socket file doesn't need to be resolved.
- Various other fixes, code cleanup and infrastructure work.