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[lisp] Add customizable user option variables for rc and rdm binary

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ddanilov authored and cslux committed Dec 4, 2018
1 parent 5870fb6 commit 15d10815b19ed84f78baf9c4ff91c604d9145153
Showing with 25 additions and 13 deletions.
  1. +25 −13 src/rtags.el
@@ -545,6 +545,18 @@ return t if RTags is allowed to modify this file."
:type '(choice (const :tag "Unset" nil) integer)
:safe 'integerp)
(defcustom rtags-rc-binary-name "rc"
"Name of rc binary file."
:group 'rtags
:type 'string
:risky t)
(defcustom rtags-rdm-binary-name "rdm"
"Name of rdm binary file."
:group 'rtags
:type 'string
:risky t)
(defcustom rtags-path nil
"Path to RTags executables."
:group 'rtags
@@ -1321,7 +1333,7 @@ to only call this when `rtags-socket-file' is defined.
(let ((rc (rtags-executable-find "rc"))
(let ((rc (rtags-executable-find rtags-rc-binary-name))
(if (not rc)
(unless noerror (rtags--error 'rtags-cannot-find-rc))
@@ -1377,7 +1389,7 @@ to only call this when `rtags-socket-file' is defined.
(when rtags-rc-log-enabled
(rtags-log (concat rc " " (rtags-combine-strings arguments))))
(if async
(let ((proc (apply #'start-file-process "rc" (current-buffer) rc arguments)))
(let ((proc (apply #'start-file-process rtags-rc-binary-name (current-buffer) rc arguments)))
(set-process-query-on-exit-flag proc nil)
(when (car async)
(set-process-filter proc (car async)))
@@ -1407,7 +1419,7 @@ to only call this when `rtags-socket-file' is defined.
(setq rtags-last-request-not-indexed t))
((equal result "Aborted")
(rtags--error 'rtags-program-exited-abnormal "rc" result))
(rtags--error 'rtags-program-exited-abnormal rtags-rc-binary-name result))
(t))) ;; other error
(and (> (point-max) (point-min)) (equal result rtags-exit-code-success))))))))
@@ -3595,7 +3607,7 @@ of diagnostics count"
(defun rtags-diagnostics (&optional restart nodirty)
(interactive "P")
(when rtags-enabled
(let ((rc (rtags-executable-find "rc")))
(let ((rc (rtags-executable-find rtags-rc-binary-name)))
(when rc
(when restart
@@ -4342,7 +4354,7 @@ which can be overridden by specifying DEFAULT-FILE"
(not (and (tramp-tramp-file-p default-directory) (not rtags-tramp-enabled)))
(file-directory-p default-directory))
(setq rtags-last-update-current-project-buffer (current-buffer))
(let* ((rc (rtags-executable-find "rc"))
(let* ((rc (rtags-executable-find rtags-rc-binary-name))
(path (rtags-untrampify (or (rtags-buffer-file-name) default-directory)))
(arguments (list "-T" path "--diagnose" path "--silent-query")))
(when (and rtags-completions-enabled
@@ -4571,7 +4583,7 @@ definition."
(defun rtags-quit-rdm ()
"Quit the RTags process (rdm)."
(let ((rc (rtags-executable-find "rc")))
(let ((rc (rtags-executable-find rtags-rc-binary-name)))
(when rc
(process-file rc nil nil nil "--quit-rdm"))))
@@ -4584,7 +4596,7 @@ definition."
(defun rtags-command ()
"Shell command used to start the `rtags-server' process."
(format "%s %s %s"
(rtags-executable-find "rdm")
(rtags-executable-find rtags-rdm-binary-name)
@@ -4606,7 +4618,7 @@ definition."
(defun rtags-start-process-unless-running ()
"Launch the RTags process (rdm) if it's not already started."
(let ((rtags-server-executable (rtags-executable-find "rdm")))
(let ((rtags-server-executable (rtags-executable-find rtags-rdm-binary-name)))
;; Already started, nothing need to be done
((or (and (processp rtags-rdm-process)
@@ -4617,7 +4629,7 @@ definition."
(pname (cdr (assoc 'comm attrs)))
(uid (cdr (assoc 'euid attrs))))
(when (and (eq uid (user-uid))
(or (string-equal pname "rdm")
(or (string-equal pname rtags-rdm-binary-name)
(string-equal pname "rdm.exe")))
(return t))))))
@@ -5138,7 +5150,7 @@ the class.
(when (or (not (rtags-called-interactively-p)) (rtags-sandbox-id-matches))
(let ((filename (rtags-untrampify (rtags-buffer-file-name)))
(rc (rtags-executable-find "rc"))
(rc (rtags-executable-find rtags-rc-binary-name))
(rtags-buffer-name "*RTags check includes*")
(setq arguments (mapcar (lambda (a) (concat a filename)) '("--current-file=" "--check-includes=")))
@@ -5198,7 +5210,7 @@ the class.
(let ((proc (start-process "RTags Tokens Async"
(rtags-executable-find "rc")
(rtags-executable-find rtags-rc-binary-name)
"--tokens" (cond ((and from to) (format "%s:%d-%d" path from to))
@@ -5408,7 +5420,7 @@ customize the messages"
((eq type 'rtags-socket-file-does-not-exist)
"RTags: socket file, %S, does not exist")
((eq type 'rtags-cannot-find-rc)
"RTags: Can't find rc")
(concat "RTags: Can't find " rtags-rc-binary-name))
((eq type 'rtags-no-file-chosen)
"RTags: No file chosen")
((eq type 'rtags-no-file-here)
@@ -5426,7 +5438,7 @@ customize the messages"
((eq type 'rtags-cannot-start-process)
"RTags: Can't start the process `%s'. "
"Please check the value of the variable `rtags-path'."))
"Please check the value of the variables `rtags-path' and `rtags-rdm-binary-name'."))
((eq type 'rtags-malines-doesnt-work-with-location-length)
"RTags: maxlines doesn't work with location/length")
((eq type 'rtags-buffer-is-not-visiting-a-file)

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