A minimalistic template for building web extensions for Chrome and Firefox
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Web Extension Boilerplate

A minimalistic template for building web extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

This boilerplate is here to give you a simple starting point for your Chrome/Firefox web extensions projects.

Installation / Usage

Just clone this repository:

git clone https://github.com/AndersonMamede/minimalistic-webextension-boilerplate.git

... and you have a working web extension.

From there, you should rename the boilerplate folder and configure the manifest.json file (name and description of your project) and you're ready to develop your web extension.


The basic structure of the boilerplate project is given in the following way:

└── boilerplate/
    ├── img/
    │   ├── icon-16.png
    │   ├── icon-24.png
    │   ├── icon-32.png
    │   ├── icon-48.png
    │   └── icon-128.png
    ├── pages/
    │   └── popup/
    │       ├── index.html
    │       └── style.css
    │       └── script.js
    └── manifest.json


This is where the boilerplate files are stored.


Contains the extension's icons. You can put any other images here.


Contains all extension's inner pages and their JS/CSS files: popup page, configuration page, or any other HTML page.


manifest.json is the main file for an extension and it is where you set all configurations read by the browser (e.g., name, permissions, resources, etc).

Check https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/manifest.json if you have doubts when configuring manifest.json.


Licensed under the MIT License. Please see LICENSE for more information © Anderson Mamede mamede.anderson@gmail.com