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X-Force 2

A game engine for round based tactic games.

It is a rewrite of X-Force:FFD using the Godot Engine.

X-Force:FFD is a game in the style of the old classics UFO: Enemy Unknown, XCOM: Terror from the Deep and XCOM: Apocalypse, where the player defended the earth with a military organization against an invasion from outer space. These classic weres at their time a unique mixture of research, strategy and tactics -- a mixture which hasn't been imitated very often since then.

The implementing of all game aspects by gamesets and the gameset studio is the great strength of X-Force. Every interested gameset creator can provide all players with his own history and story, including new aliens and science projects.

X-Force 2 will increase the strength of X-Force:FFD and provide more flexibility for gameset creators. Thus, it is not limited to "Humans vs Aliens" games.


next Preview is coming soon


If you have any Questions, you can use Gitter


GPL 3?


Format: X.Y.Z

X = development Phase Y = a increase indicate a big or breaking change (0.2.0 is may not fully compatible to 0.1.7) Z = increase by every new data.pck download, set to 0 if Y is increased

Development Phase "0" (current)

  • everything can change
  • everything can break
  • Master branch = "unstable" developing branch
  • Bug-fixes have low priority ("new Features first")
  • no Translations
  • only 2 gamesets: a small showcase and tutorial ("Demo") and a promoted beginner-friendly gameset (Diary of William Walker?)
  • Development focus: Game basics

Phase 1

  • new developing branch, Master branch = more stable "testing" branch
  • less breaking changes
  • Artist and Translators can start their work
  • one more promoted gameset (The Galactic War?)
  • Development focus: Ground Combat

Phase 2

  • no breaking changes
  • no new big features
  • "stable" Downloads
  • Bug-fixes have high priority
  • Development focus: Tools for gameset, map and tileset creators
  • support for external gamesets

Phase 3

We reached the current Goal and got:

  • (nearly) all features of X-Force:FFD 0.917
    • some common requested improvements and features (except multiplayer and realtime support)
  • 2 complete gamesets
  • native Linux and Windows binaries (+MacOS if someone test it)

We will work on:

  • better performence (port slow GD-Scripts to C++)
  • artificial intelligence
  • future improvements
  • support for Android? Touchscreens? HTML?

How to contribute

  • Ask how you can help
  • Download Godot 1.1 2.0 Alpha (10/03/15) and install it
  • fork this repository
  • clone your repository
  • Run GoDot and ’Scan’ the src directory. After this you can ’edit’ the X-Force 2 Engine or Launcher
  • make your changes
  • commit and push to your repository
  • start a Pull Request (PR)

useful Links


A rewrite of X-Force:Fight For Destiny



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