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Cryptex | E-Mail Address Protection

Contributors: Andi Dittrich, aenondynamics Tags: email, e-mail, privacy, robots, grabbing, spam, spambots, retina, highdpi, responsive, obfuscation, protection, image, javascript, encryption, decryption, jquery, mootools, customizable, design, appearance, security, telephone, numbers, addresses, filter, automatically Requires at least: 3.9 Tested up to: 4.9 Stable tag: 7.0 License: GPL-2.0 License URI:

Cryptex transforms plain-text E-Mail-Addresses into Images - automatically - No scrapers. No harvesters. No spambots. That's our goal!


The plugin is used to display Email addresses as an image - automatically. This will stop harvesters and crawlers from gathering sensitive data from your website. It works with emails, telephone numbers, postal addresses or any other text-content. Just wrap your E-Mail-Address into a shortcode like [email][/email] - that's it. Or use the Autodetect filter to transform every E-Mail-Address on your page automatically into an image!

Plugin Features

  • Protects Email Adresses, Telephone Numbers or any other content
  • Fully customizable appearance: you can configure font-family, font-size and font-color - everything looks like your theme style
  • Retina/HD/High-Dpi Images - best appearance on all devices (2x, 3x or 4x resolution enhancement)
  • Shortcode and/or Autodetection usage!
  • Build-In E-Mail-Address-Autodetection - all addresses on your page are protected automatically (if you want it - you can also just use shortcodes!)
  • Autodetection filters configurable for the_content, the_excerpt, comments, comments_excerpt, text-widget
  • Reversible Address-Autodetection Process - your content is modified as long as the plugin is activated
  • Postal-addresses, telephone-numbers, names and other sensitive information`s can be protected too
  • Protects E-Mail hyperlinks (mailto) by using javascript based key-shifting encryption/decryption with dynamic keys - but you can use images only
  • Suitable for high traffic sites - automated caching of dynamic generated images and CSS
  • Automatic font-search (standard system font-paths)
  • Supports the new modern UI style of WordPress 3.8
  • Native support for Enlighter Syntax Highlighter to display E-Mail Addresses within highlighted content (requires Enlighter v2.7)
  • Includes the Liberation(tm) Fonts package
  • TrueType as well as OpenType Fonts are supported


The @-sign as well as dot's within the e-mail-addresses can be automatically replaced by different placeholders, e.g. mail(at)example{dot}org, to match your website's corporate design.

Security Modes

Cryptex provides various obfuscation modes for E-Mail-Addresses:

  • Plain Text - only text-transformations are applied - no use of images
  • Single Image - the e-mail-address is expressed as a single image
  • Multipart Image - the e-mail-address is splitted into two images, seperated by the @-sign in plain text
  • Advanced Multipart Image - the craziest one: each part (divided by dot's and @ sign) is displayed as a seperate image, the dividers as plain text


System requirements

  • PHP 5.3 or greater
  • GD library (v2.0.28 or greater)
  • GD PNG support
  • FreeType2 (optional, required for OpenType fonts)
  • Accessible cache directory (/wp-content/plugins/cryptex/cache/ or a custom one)

WordPress Theme requirements

  • The wp_footer and wp_head action have to be used (enqueue js+css resources)


  1. Upload the complete cryptex folder (Wordpress Plugin) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Settings -> Cryptex and check all items into the sidebar.
  4. In case that there are no font available on your server you can use own/special fonts by uploading them into the /wp-content/plugins/cryptex/fonts/ directory
  5. Go to the appearance section and select the font-family, font-color and font-size like the styles in your theme
  6. That's it! You're done. You can now enter the following code into a post or page to protect email addresses: [email][/email]. Or use the Autodetect feature

Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptex Shortcode doesn't work in Text-Widgets

Generally, WordPress does not process any shortcodes used in text-widgets. You can add the following code to your template functions.php file to enable shortcode processing: add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

I get an error using the system font paths, which are shown by the settings page

This paths - depending on your hosting environment - can be different - if you don't know the path, please ask your hosting provider or upload the fonts manually into the cryptex-plugin-directory \wp-content\plugins\cryptex\fonts\ and use Plugin Directory as font source.

I get a "file permission" error changing the font source to Custom Directoy

During security restrictions your system font paths could be unaccessable. In this case you have to upload TrueTypeFonts (.ttf) into the cryptex-plugin-directory \wp-content\plugins\cryptex\fonts\ and use Plugin Directory as font source.

I get an "file permission" php error in my blog

The directory /wp-content/plugins/cryptex/cache/ must be writeable - the images as well as the generated css file will be stored there. Try to set chmod to 0644 or 0770

I need bold/italic font styles

Please use the italic/bold font of the font family you've selected. For example there is an verdana.ttf(normal) and verdanai.ttf(italic) file!

Is it possible to use Cryptex directly in my wordpress template ? shortcode does not work yet

Of course! you can simply use <?php Cryptex::crypt('yourtext'); ?> to display 'yourtext' as crypted version

I miss some features / I found a bug

Send an email to Andi Dittrich (andi _D0T dittrich At a3non .dOT org) or or open a New Issue on GitHub


  1. Cryptex Website Appearance
  2. Settings Page - Contextual Help Menu
  3. Settings Page - Appearance
  4. Settings Page - Autodetect Filters & CDN Options
  5. Settings Page - System Informations
  6. Settings Page - Image Offsets & Retina/HighDpi Options

Upgrade Notice


License changed to GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2 (GPL-2.0)


A new Javascript decoder is used - this will break custom user modifications! Please test it before upgrading


After upgrading, go to the Cryptex settings page, check all options and click "Apply Settings" to force an update of the generated CSS files!