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Hiding line numbers for certain code blocks #1

ankitpokhrel opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Thank you for creating a cool plugin ;). I am using it. But is there any way to hide line numbers from certain code blocks? something like:

[php linenum='false'] Some Code [/php]


Dear Ankit,
currently there is no option included which will change it.
but it's a good idea to implement it, because it could replace the "Inline" output-style - maybe available with the next release ;)



Thank you for the prompt reply :+1: Looking forward for the next version. I am using it anyway ;).



your Feature request is added to Enlighter v2.0. You can use shortcode as well as html style.

[js linenumbers="false"]
window.addEvent('domready', function(){});
<pre data-enlighter-language="js" data-enlighter-linenumbers="false" data-enlighter-lineoffset="5">

best regards, Andi

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