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PhD BibTex Files

I'm collecting the BibTeX files for my PhD Thesis here. If you work in PANDA or with (parallel) tracking algorithms, this might be something for you.

Don't hesitate with contributing to the files (adding new entries, fixing errors) and sending pull requests.

Organization of my Bibliography

For the time being, I structured my BibTeX into four categories:

  • panda — Has everything related to PANDA inside.
  • physics — Has everything related to (my) physics stuff inside. Might be the least collaborative (/most personal one) of the files.
  • tracking — Has everything related to (parallel) tracking algorithms.
  • misc — For all the rest.

If something is part of more than one category of the above, it will go into the first file it fits (with above order).

Note: The categorization might be subject to changes. Who know, huh?

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