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Tag figures in a LaTeX document for release and create according list of figures for release.

This repository provides ReleasePlot.sty and annotating releaseplot.{pdf,tex} file, highlighting the use case of this small package. Have a look at the PDF for all the details.


In an internal document of our experiment, some figures are more important than others. To mark the more important ones, a tag is added to the caption of the figures ([RELEASE]).
Since the figures are already tagged, they can be summarized into a list of figures for release, printed by \listofreleaseplots. See it work in the PDF of the repository!


Figures can be tagged with the command \plotRelease. The command has two versions.

  1. Usage in a caption which has the additional square-brackets argument, i.e. \caption[optional]{\plotRelease mandatory}. If used like this, \plotRelease will take the optional title for the list of figures for release
  2. Usage in a caption which does not have the additional argument, but only the curly-bracket title, i.e. caption{\plotrelease*[text]}. In that case please use the starred version of the command, \plotRelease*, and provide the title for the list of figures for release in square brackets.

If there are entries to the list of figures, the list can be printed with \listofreleaseplots.


The package provides a few macros enabling modification of appearance of the tag. They are:

  • \RPTagColor: The color of the tag
  • \RPText: The text of the tag
  • \RPChapterTitle: The title of the chapter of the list of figures (= the title of the list of figures)

Check the PDF or the package description for their default values.


The package was designed to work with the document class memoir.

Some basic mechanisms are in place for it to work with other classes, but the result of \listofreleaseplots is a bit broken.

All other required packages should be part of every default LaTeX installation (and are available at CTAN in any case).

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