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Tries to import a node module from the parent module dir or current working dir. This was build for the logtopus logger. We need a way to load optional modules from the $PROJECT_DIR/node_modules/ dir which is using logtopus, to load optional dependencies.

For example:

The logtopus module should load logtopus-redis-logger, but not from its own node_modules directory. It should be load from $PROJECT_DIR/node_modules folder. This gives developers the opportunity to load optional dependencies from the $PROJECT folder.

The logtopus module loads an optional module with superimport

// logtopus/index.js
const superimport = require('superimport');
const redisLogger = superimport('logtopus-redis-logger');

A third part module uses logtopus and contains the optional module as a dependency

// mymodule/example.js
const logtopus = require('logtopus');

In this example tries logtopus to require logtopus-redis-logger in this order:

  1. mymodule/node_modules/logtopus-redis-logger
  2. <cwd>/node_modules/logtopus-redis-logger
  3. ../node_modules/logtopus-redis-logger (goes up until /node_modules)
  4. return null

And optional second argument overrides the directories which may contain an optional module

const dirs = ['../foo/node_modules', '../bar/libs/'];
const mod = superimport('somemodule', dirs);


superimport(str moduleName [, arr importDirs])

See description above

superimport.importAll(arr dir [, obj options])

Imports all .js or .node files from dir. The second options argument is optional and changes the behaviour. Prior version 1.3.0, the second argument was a boolean and enabled recursive search. This is deprecated now.

Name Default Description
recursive false Includes all subdirectories
silent false Ignore errors

Returns an array of all required modules

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