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JavanHawk Eagle

Happy Indepedence Day for my country (Indonesia 17 August 2016)

Some big its coming.. with fresh new design, and more features..

Screenshot v1.0.0 This for visual Necrobot (v0.8.6) Necrobot Forked (v0.9.x) & PokeMobBot (v2.0.3ish) if any update from there i'll update this page. Don't forget to create issue if you found any bug or feature request to improve this JavanHawk. I hope you happy at all :D

Probably of new features the next version Piority
Show information if on Gym 1
Show Gym list 2
Manual Renaming Pokemon maybe
Force walking to destination done
Use google maps api (experimental) done
Snipe filter setting done

Note: Please check your bot, if didnt work create a issue and give me a link about the bot.


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Big thanks for your Donation, it will support my creativity and time for improved The Javan Hawk. And now need for server to graph snipe data.


  • Can Evolution & Transfer Pokemon
  • Sorted pokemon by IV, CP, Name, HP, Level & ID Pokedex
  • Show Pokemon informartion
    • IV, CP, HP, Level Pokemon
    • Attack, Defense & Stamina
    • Candy / Candy need to Evolve
    • Pokemon type (Dragon | Flying)
    • Pokemon skill attack name (Ember Fast | Heat Wave)
    • If favorite from native apps
  • Show Profile Trainer
    • Total Coin
    • Stardust (not auto update)
    • Experience (percentage auto update)
    • Your team joined
    • Pokemon Storage (auto update)
  • Responsive view list (not working for small display ex: mobile phone under 720px)
  • Show incubator eggs
  • Show inventory items
  • Powerup Pokemon
  • Themes management (three theme at now)
  • Bulk transfer pokemon (CTRL + Click)
  • Bulk evolved pokemon (CTRL + Click)
  • Colorfull IV value, need this for bulk transfer / elvoved
  • Can delete Item (Click the item from inventory list)
  • Snipe Pokemon (intregation with msniper protocol)
  • Set Pokemon to Favorite
  • Bulk un/starred pokemon (CTRL + Click)
  • Force walking to Destination
  • Use gmaps api (experimental)
  • Show Pokemon if on Gym^
  • Rename Pokemon** (its can be banned?)

^Next update

For more information just hit the Wiki Page


Based on necrobotvisualizer - nicoschmitt


This Website and Project is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Niantic, The Pokémon Company, Nintendo or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This is an independent and unofficial API for educational use ONLY. Using the Project might be against the TOS.