Migrate data from SAM Broadcaster to RadioDJ
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Migrate SAM Broadcaster data to RadioDJ

While managing SAM Broadcaster for Radio H2O I got sick of all the bugs and charset incompatibilities between filesystem and Firebird DB dealing with other SAMBC quirks. So, I decided to migrate SAMBC data to MySQL to see if it could help. In short; it didn’t solve main problem, because SAMBC messes up everything by using Windows default code page for its internal workings. Never the less, it was a nice exercise in coding for two databases and charset conversion. That project is located at Migrate-SAMBC-Firebird-to-MySQL. It has some issues and typos in comments but it works.

Now I give you...

Migrate SAM Broadcaster data to RadioDJ

The idea had been on my mind for some time, but after reading a RadioDJ forum post by NounosSon I decided to realise it. After all - how hard can it be; It is only data after all.

This script generates a valid MySQL SQL script from SAMBC Firebird database if WORK_MODE in config.php is set to WORK_MODE_FILE or inserts data from SAMBC Firebird or MySQL directly into RDJ MySQL database if WORK_MODE is set to WORK_MODE_INSERT. In latter case you have to make sure the database and its tables exist. I highly suggest to try WORK_MODE_FILE first, so you don't mess up you RDJ database. While exporting data it is possible to convert between character sets if SAM_CHARSET and TARGET_CHARSET are set to different values.

Note: Charset conversion can be disable by setting SAM_CHARSET and CHARESET to same value.


  1. Recent PHP version. I'm currently using PHP/5.5.1 and have not tested this script on older versions
  2. PHP PDO extension enabled http://php.net/manual/en/book.pdo.php

To run it:

One can run it as CLI or from web server. If you have PHP on your PATH, run it in CLI like this: php migrate.php

Version 0.1

Exports only historylist data from SAMBC. Few fields are missing from resulting data:

  1. id_subcat (sub category reference);
  2. disk_no (no disc numbers in SAMDB);
  3. original_artist;
  4. copyright;

I had to fiddle a bit with genre data, but got it working after all. If the genre from SAMBC songlist matches genre in RDJ genre table the matching genre_id will be exported. Comparison is done case-insensitive, so it should be ok if data is different from song to song.

Version 0.2

Can export historylist and songlist data from SAMBC. For now song data will be exported without category data. The problem is that RadioDJ does not have multilevel categories like SAMBC does. I had a conversation with Marius about this and he promised to look if and how he could implement that in RDJ. All SAMBC xfade settings will be translated to RDJ cue_times, but all songs will have to be placed in correct subcategories.


  • Esport SAMBC categories as RadioDJ playlists. If only RDJ rotations allowed to select songs from playlists, I'd be ready to migrate.
  • Create RDJ MySQL tables if needed
  • Maybe check songlist entries for moved/removed files before import