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To do list

Here are some ideas of features for BrailleExtender that might be implemented. Possibly unsorted, immature and useless. Everyone can enrich it:

  • Add his own input/output braille tables
  • Braille tables switcher: implement group of input/output tables
  • Braille multiple through language detection (in tagged documents)
  • Quick launches -> quick actions: system of macros (write text, make a succession of shortcuts...)
  • System of gestures in several step / custom virtual modifiers. E.g.: b1+b0 then b1 -> go to desktop
  • Text attributes with tags.
  • Text attributes with dot(s) 7 or/and 8 blinking
  • "Virtual settings" mode (like "auto test" mode)
  • Clic with routings cursors in review mode
  • Left margin
  • Read from right to left
  • One Hand Mode
  • Try to report center, left and right alignments
  • Imitate formatting mode from JAWS
  • Import/export settings (particularly for role labels)
  • Mark selected elements with dots 7 and 8 (e.g. in explorer)
  • Skip cells with non-functioning dots
  • Rotor: customization via settings and make it smarter (e.g. don't show links, headings… in non-virtual documents)
  • Code cleaning
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