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The aim of OpenBtNFC project is give the NFC function (emulated) to Android phone/tablet that doesn't have NFC antenna integrated, using a serial bluetooth communication.
The purpose is replace all the NFC functionality (as website link, launch application, etc etc).


The project is in an early stage, now is implemented only the UUID card reading (displayed on the smartphone).

Next step:
-Recognize the different type of RFID card;
-Read and solve a website link;


The project is composed by:

Arduino Pro Mini 3,3V (link)

RFID-RC522 Module (compatible with 13,56MHz)
is a cheap RFID module, you can found it on ebay, for example (link)
Arduino library

Bluetooth module HC-05
is a cheap and simple to use serial module, you can found it on ebay, for example (link)
How to use guide by pictux

3,7V Lipo battery
a common 3,7V Lithium Polymer battery like this


The next step is realize one board with all the hardware included, so I will release the schematics file (open with Eagle CAD).
But now is all soldered on a matrix board so this is the wiring:
(for single module pinout look the previous link)

Arduino sketch

This is the first sketch that implements the reading of the UUID of the card and the serial (SoftwareSerial) communication between the bluetooth module.
I use the DumbInfo example of the library by MiguelBalboa, and I added the SoftwareSerial communication.


To make it simple, I develop the Android app with MIT app inventor
To edit my app you have to open app inventor and import the ".aia" file (OpenBtNFC.aia under Android folder).

OpenBtNFC used by Unipiazza

The project used by Unipiazza for the UAU party at Padua.