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The Robot Design Game Wiki

This wiki contains the extra materials that appears on the webpage for each card in the Robot Design Game.

Concept: Each card has a QR code in the back. For example, consider the card:

The QR code links to a page containing extra information about the card.

The extra information can be all kinds of educational materials, such as:

  • videos
  • datasheets
  • link to papers and bibliography references

That extra information is contained in this wiki, so that it can be edited collaboratively.

For the card above, the extra information is in this wiki page.

How to edit the extra information

This is how it works:

  1. First, log in into your Github account.
  2. Find the card that you want to edit in the list below.
  3. Read the formatting instructions below.
  4. Edit the page, and commit.

You are done!

Next, what happens is that:

  1. We receive your pull request.
  2. We might edit the information for consistency with the other entries.
  3. We regenerate the online pages using our scripts.


Please use regular Markdown syntax.

The lines containing the word "instructions" will be discarded.

Embedding videos

Add a Youtube URL on a line by itself to embed a video. (This will work only after postprocessing; it will not show up in the Wiki)

The URL should be in the form:<VIDEO-ID>

For example:

Tip: cloning and editing the wiki locally

For advanced users, you can also clone the wiki locally, by using:

git clone

Then you can edit / commit / push (or pull request) your changes, or send a patch.

Contributing new cards

This wiki does not allow you to edit the text appearing on the card itself, or to add new cards. To do those things, please follow the instructions on the main site.

List of decks and booster packs produced so far

These are the decks that were produced so far that have information in this wiki:

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