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run your shiny App on Amazon AWS running a function. √
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ramazon package

Run your shiny App on Amazon AWS launching a function. No setup no pain, just hit that run button!

A detailed tutorial is provided here.

If you are already comfortable with Amazon AWS, find below a short tutorial.

How to use it

  1. Develop your Shiny App (

  2. Launch an instance on amazon AWS (see aws doc here:

  3. save your key pair into your shiny app folder

  4. install ramazon package

    install.packages("devtools") if needed

    library(devtools) if needed


  5. run ramazon(Public_DNS, key_pair_name), where Public_DNS is your ec2 instance public_DNS and key_pair_name is the name of your key pair file.

  6. watch your app on Amazon!

What ramazon takes care of

  • establish a connection
  • modify sources.list to add R Cran Server
  • Install an updated version of R
  • detect and install all required R packages
  • Install R Studio Server
  • Remove Example page from R studio Server
  • Copy your shiny app on Amazon Server

You are not getting it? No problem, just run ramazon()!

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