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django app to keep track of scores between friends

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* DONE find out how to use external packages and set accordingly
  CLOSED: [2012-11-12 Mon 13:59]
  - CLOSING NOTE [2012-11-12 Mon 13:59] \\
    using pip and requirements.txt and virtualenv

* TODO [[][check out the twitter bootstrap CSS]]

* TODO add client side validation for the forms, possibly generating it automatically maybe?
  [[][use django-ajax-form]]

* TODO set up nose and coverage correctly

* TODO create the model for players and different sports

* TODO define some views/templates, for example
  - create new players
  - create new sports
  - create new tournaments

* TODO find out how to do logging properly

* TODO set up BDD with lettuce and selenium

* Philosophy
** Tournaments
Can set up a tournament where users will add their profile and put
their information and the information required will depend on which

** Users

Every user is identified by a unique username, and can be added to any

** Ladders

A ladder keeps track of the ability of a player/team in a particular
sport. For teams only makes sense if teams are logically or phisically
always the same.

** Sports

We can add new sports, where we can define
- team size constraints
- methods to use to give scores

# Local Variables:
# mode: org
# End:

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