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My personal emacs configuration, using heavily git submodules for external packages
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Emacs configuration

The configuration loader is in ca-init.el, and all the submodules are in the modules directory.

Previously everything was in, an org-mode file contanining all the code. The file is still but now it contains only some documentation and useful links.


  • yasnippet and thousands of snippets
  • desktop mode and nice hooks
  • auto completion
  • python-mode
  • haskell-mode
  • tuareg-mode
  • org-mode
  • flymake supporting many programming modes
  • code folding and navigation via semantic in all languages supported

And much more…


To try it out:

  • git clone git://
  • git submodule update –init (This could take a long time)
  • create an empty “custom.el” where you cloned the repository
  • Create or modify your .emacs in your $HOME with the following:
    • (setq base “~/Emacs-configuration/”)
    • (load (concat base “ca-init.el”))

Most of them can be compiled but it’s not necessary, check the instructions in the README/INSTALL files in the appropriate paths To customize I suggest to use M-x customize (will write on your custom file) or write your own setqs in the custom.el file.

Where you can get emacs 23:


Emacs has bindings for many different UI systems, there are native versions for most of the operating systems. emacs osx nightly builds If you want an easier fork for OSX there is aquamacs

Here you can find a build for cocoa emacs 23.2, now fullscreen finally works calling ns-toggle-fullscreen


For windows there is an external package to simplify, emacsW32, make it easier on windows


Normally a emacs23 package is included in every distribution

make yasnippet snippets load for every mode separately on demand

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