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The goal of this project is to create a network between motes. Supposing we have mote A attached to a computer with an internet connection and mote B is attached to a computer without internet connection.

Then traversing a theoretically arbitrary network of motes we can let B connect to the internet through the network.

How to use it

  • Attach the motes on two computers A, B, where A has internet access while B doesn’t
  • login as root (needed for tun device manipulation)
  • check that the motes are connected (motelist)
  • setup the TinyOS environment
    • setup TOSROOT and other useful variables, use .bash\_tinyos to do it automatically
    • follow the blip tutorial to compile the serialforwarder
  • install the program on both motes with:
    • cd motes-simple && make telosb install.$1 /dev/ttyUSB0,1 where $1 is the preferred mote ID (254 for the gateway, 1 for the client)
  • compile the driver with
    • make force
  • on A run the gateway with ./gateway /dev/ttyUSB0 wlan0 (for example)
  • on B run the client with make run

Now B should also have internet access, try to ping outside to check if it works.

Further documentation

In driver you can run make doc to generate the doxygen documentation of the code, which you will find in doc\_doxy


This is the tree of files in our application

  • driver In this directory we have client and gateway program, written in C for Linux systems.
    • reconstruct.c this module is in charge of reconstructing the chunks we get from from the network
    • chunker.c functions to split the message into many chunks
    • client.c start the client version of the program
    • gateway.c start the gateway
    • tunnel.c manage the tunnel (open close write read)
    • setup.c all the functions used both by the client and the gateway
    • structs.c contains some useful functions to manage our own data structures
    • motecomm.c low level communication between motes and the driver program
    • glue.c Wrapper for the select system call, glues several file descriptors together
    • serialif.c Serial implementation for the pc side using the serial interface of blip
    • serialforwardif.c Serial implementation using the serial forwarder for the pc side (not fully supported)
    • util.c constructor/destructor for class-like types
  • motes-simple Contains the mote program that was used in the presentation.
    • The TinyOS configuration file.
    • Here the implementation is done.
    • SimpleMoteApp.h Contains defines and data structures for the mote program
    • & Contain a generic queue module for outgoing outgoing messages.
    • gen\,, & Some Python scripts that can be used for testing with TOSSIM
  • motes The structure for a mote program with support for 6lowpan packets. Currently not in use, because of speed issues.
    • The configuration
    • Implementation of the mote program. Uses the handler stack.
    • MoteNetApp.h Structs and defines for the program.
    • & Contain a generic queue module for outgoing outgoing messages.
  • python Contains experimental python code creating structs, testing packets chunking and compression
  • talks
    • org-mode source file of the presentation
    • slides.tex tex beamer generated file from
    • .svg images used
    • slides.pdf resulting slides