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acmePimp is my personal pimp of Rob Pike's great acme editor (or to be more concrete: Russ Cox's plan9port of acme).

NOTE: acmePimp is tested for OSX only !

what is this?

screenshot of acmePimp: screenshot.png

when first tried out acme didn't really liked it for

- use with missing 3 button mouse on MBP
- contra intuitive use of the arrow UP- & DOWN- keys
- it's color layout (there is a narrative about the pastel colors - i know)
    -> i got the principal color changes from the web, but i can't find the link again?
- no go autocompletion
    -> solved using "agoc" which shows me possible completions (and the definitions!) of in a separate window

on the first i adapted and actually don't need chording.

on the second i found that i have a problem primary with the UP key as i use to open-close brackets left-arrow-enter-enter-up-arrow when starting a function or the like. Later found the i ofetn use the DOWN key involuntary - or for it's "natural purpose".

with this commit all arrows move the cursor:

  • UP - end of the pevious line
  • DOWN - next line same vertical position or end-of-line if the line is shorter than it's predecessor.

last commits include the usual CMD+'s' for saving and auto parenthesis closing addition for opening '(', '{' and "[".

that is edited within text.c in the acme folder (search for /me/ for the changes) and up-arrow will now jump up to the line end of the previous line.

for acme (acme.c) the tab indention is default now and (proportional) default font is set to /mnt/font/Menlo-Regular/14a/font (search "/me/" in acme.c for the changes in the source code)

call acme -o ... to use acme's original color mode (acme -a .. does set off auto indention)

make sure you compiled plan9/src/cmd/fontsrv to access OSX fonts; list of fonts:

$ cd /usr/local/plan9/src/cmd/fontsrv
$ fontsrv -p .


clone or download this repo

cd </into-the-downloaded-repo/>
// backup the original acme folder
$ mv /usr/local/plan9/src/cmd/acme /usr/local/plan9/src/cmd/_acme.bup
$ mv acme /usr/local/plan9/src/cmd/acme
$ cd /usr/local/plan9/src/cmd/acme
$ 9 mk install


personal pimp for plan9's great acme editor






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