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.GUID 4c5ef58e-f8f9-4dc3-8c9a-3b6133e65fb4
.AUTHOR Andreas Sobczyk,
This script will create everything needed to monitor a Windows Service with SCOM using MPTool.
.Parameter -ManagementServerFQDN
Specify the Management server to connect to.
.Parameter -ManagementPackName
Specify the Management pack for all the components to be be placed in.
.Parameter -CreateMP
Specify if the script should create the Management Pack.
.Parameter -ServiceDisplayName
Specify the Display name you would like on the class
.Parameter -ServiceName
Specify the Windows service name to monitor (Servicename NOT Displayname)
.Parameter -UnhealthyState
Specify the state of the monitor if triggered, Error or Warning.
# Create a new management pack CM.MyService.ServiceMonitoring for the class discovery and monitor to monitor the service "MyService"
.\WindowsServiceMonitor.ps1 -ManagementServerFQDN "" `
-ManagementPackName "CM.MyService.ServiceMonitoring" `
-CreateMP $true `
-ServiceDisplayName "My Precious Service" `
-ServiceName "MyService" `
-UnhealthyState Error
[boolean]$CreateMP = $true,
[string]$UnhealthyState = "Error"
$ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"
$ManagementPackDisplayName = $ManagementPackName.Replace("."," ")
$ManagementPackDescription = "$ManagementPackDisplayName - Created with SCOMMPTools"
$ClassName = "CM.$ServiceName.Windows.Service".Replace(" ",".")
$ClassDisplayName = "CM $ServiceDisplayName Windows Service"
$ClassDescription = "CM $ServiceDisplayName Windows Service - Created with SCOMMPTools"
$DiscoveryName = "$ClassName.Discovery"
$RegistryPath = "SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\$ServiceName\"
if($CreateMP -eq $true){
$MP = Get-SCOMManagementPack -Name $ManagementPackName
if($mp -eq $null){
New-MPToolManagementPack -ManagementServerFQDN $ManagementServerFQDN -ManagementPackName $ManagementPackName -ManagementPackDisplayName $ManagementPackDisplayName -ManagementPackDescription $ManagementPackDescription
New-MPToolLocalApplicationClass -ManagementServerFQDN $ManagementServerFQDN -ManagementPackName $ManagementPackName -ClassName $ClassName -ClassDisplayName $ClassDisplayName -ClassDescription $ClassDescription
New-MPToolFilteredRegistryDiscovery -ManagementServerFQDN $ManagementServerFQDN -ManagementPackName $ManagementPackName -DiscoveryName $DiscoveryName -TargetClassName "Microsoft.Windows.Computer" -RegistryPath $RegistryPath -DiscoveryClassName $ClassName -IntervalSeconds 300 -Enabled $true
sleep 30
New-MPToolWindowsServiceMonitor -ManagementServerFQDN $ManagementServerFQDN -ManagementPackName $ManagementPackName -TargetClassName $ClassName -UnhealthyState $UnhealthyState -ServiceName $ServiceName -MonitorName "$ClassName.Monitor"