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A simple way of moving your Medium's bookmarks to Trello.
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Moving your Medium's Bookmarks to Trello

I firmly believe that our time should be spent on important things.
The time you spent searching for an article could be time spent on reading that article.

Quick Demo

Getting started

You might have to update the .env file from time to time, because cookies have limited lifetime.


conventions: field = list name; keyword = filter key

  • fetch saved posts from Medium and transfer them to Trello and also remove them from bookmark list
  • the keywords for a field can also include regular expressions

  • add keyword to a field

    Syntax: $field_name $filter_key1 | $filter_key2
    Example: react react hooks | \bstyled components\b

  • create field and add keywords to it

    Syntax: create!$field_name $filter_key1 | $filter_key2
    Example: create!posts development posts

  • You can see where each card will be placed by having a look at info.log file after getting the message All good? (y/n)
  • the show_list command will print the existing lists to the info.log file
  • create a Trello list if the list name exists in config.json, but not in Trello
  • add link to a list(which doesn't have to exist) without applying any filters. Read More

    Syntax: temp!$list_name
    Example: temp!react

Setting up Trello

Getting the idBoard & token & cookie
  • Create a new card
  • Open the dev tools and open the Network tab
  • Clear the Network tab.
  • Create a new list(doesn't matter the name)
  • Click on the lists request
  • Click on the Headers tab
  • Head over to Request Payload
  • Select the idBoard and paste it in the .env file
  • Select the token and paste it in the .env file next to tokenTrello
  • Select the cookie(located in the Request Headers) and paste it in the .env file next to cookieTrello

  • Companion Gif

Getting the trello-specific url (needed when adding a new list to a board)
  • Copy the short link from the url (
  • Head over the urlTrello property
  • in the .env file replace the YOUR_BOARD_ID with the short link
  • You may now delete the list you have created earlier

Companion Gif

Setting up Medium

Getting the cookie & token

  • Go to your bookmarks
  • Open the dev tools and go to the Network tab
  • Refresh the page and scroll down until a new request is made (bookmarks?limit=20...)
  • Select the Headers tab
  • Copy the cookie located in the Request Headers and paste it in the .env file
  • Coy the x-xsrf-token located in the Request Headers and paste it in the .env file

Companion Gif


In your current directory: node main.js

Available features.


There are always improvements that could be made. All I ask is that you open an issue and we discuss your proposed changes before you create a pull request.

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