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D2 bindings to the PortMidi library.

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== DPortMidi ==
    These are the D2 bindings for the PortMidi I/O library.
    Currently these bindings can only be built on Windows systems.
    This bindings project has been created by Andrej Mitrovic.
    Project Homepage:

== Building Requirements ==
    - XP 32bit or Win7 32bit system, 64bit versions haven't been tested.
      Linux is unsupported for now, sorry!

    - DMD v2.059+ compiler. Download it from:
      DMD usage instructions:
== Building ==
    - Run git submodule init
    - Run git submodule update
    - Run build.bat     
== Contact ==
    To contact me, send me a message via Github @, 
    or e-mail me at: andrej.mitrovich<at>

== Todo ==
    - SysEx handling has not been tested. Maybe I could use Midi Yoke and MIDI-OX for this.
    - Systems other than XP 32bit have not been tested.
    - Port more samples, test existing ones with more MIDI hardware.

== Acknowledgments ==
    Thanks to the developers and contributors of the PortMidi and PortMedia projects. 
    Thanks to Jesse Phillips for making the excellent cmdln.interact module for
    handling user I/O.

== Licensing ==
    Please see PortMidi's original license in the license.txt file.
    The D bindings are Boost-licensed.
    Some code examples were ported from PortMidi's original code examples.

== Links ==
    D2 Programming Language Homepage:
    PortMidi homepage:
    PortMedia homepage:
    Jesse Phillips' user IO library:
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