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Remove another un-necessary alias.

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commit 5bc192af9f2b024d840df630b56ed5a25df9c78b 1 parent 6401e3e
Andrej Mitrović authored
Showing with 4 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +4 −6 src/git/c/push.d
10 src/git/c/push.d
@@ -118,12 +118,10 @@ int git_push_unpack_ok(git_push *push);
* @return 0 on success, GIT_EUSER on non-zero callback, or error code
-// note: must be defined outside parameter list due to Issue 6754:
-alias extern(C) int function(const(char)* ref_, const(char)* msg, void *data) CB;
-int git_push_status_foreach(git_push *push, CB cb,
- void *data);
+int git_push_status_foreach(
+ git_push *push,
+ int function(const(char)* ref_, const(char)* msg, void *data) cb,
+ void *data);
* Free the given push object
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