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A new update for Wyrmsun has arrived!

The Nidavellir map used for the two dwarven scenarios, The First Dwarves and A Home in the Fields of Sand, is now randomly-generated, thus enhancing its replayability. The amount of available land in the Nidavellir underground has been expanded, so that it now houses multiple kobold tribes, along with a tribe of underground-dwelling gnomes and many resources. A gnomish faction is generated on the surface above as well.

Three new naval upgrades can now be researched at the Dock: Sailing, Celestial Navigation and the Compass.

Celestial Navigation


Each of them increases ship speed by 1. In order for ships to not end up becoming too fast, the initial ship speed has been lowered from 10 to 8.

Two new deities have been added as well: Frey (major deity) and Freya (minor deity). They both belong to the Vanir group of deities from Norse mythology, and are available for the Germanic and Norse civilizations. In Norse mythology, there was a strong association between the Vanir and the elves, with Frey even being described as the ruler of Alfheim himself. As such, in Wyrmsun the Vanir are deities worshipped primarily by elves in-universe, and they adopt elf-like appearances.



Frey's spell is Barkskin, which increases armor by a set amount. Freyja, on the other hand, allows priests to cast Regeneration, making the affected unit slowly recuperate hit points.