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Welcome to Teachers' Pet by Andrew Herring

What is Teachers Pet?

Teachers' Pet is built in Python and Django and is used to organize and manage EFL and ESL teachers' students and courses. A user will log in and create an account as a Teacher then begin to add their courses. After entering all of their courses a teacher can then add students to that course. Students will have CEFR values assigned to them as well as three specific skills, readong, speaking and vocabulary. A teacher can adjust these values as they see fit based on a students preformance in class. This allows a teacher to have a better idea of what students need help in more specific areas, making lesson planning much easier and more focused around a students needs. Teachers' Pet can store history for multiple users and is fully CRUD capable. Data stored in SQLite 3 database.

What technologies went into the application?

Python | Django | SQLite 3 | Bootstrap

Entity Relationship Diagram

Teachers Pet ERD

Installing Core Technologies

1. SQLite

For OSX Users

brew install sqlite

For Windows Users

Visit the SQLite downloads and download the 64-bit DLL (x64) for SQLite version, unzip and install it.

2. SQL Browser

The DB browser for SQLite will let you view, query and manage your databases for this project.

3. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is Microsoft's cross-platform editor that you can use to view Python and Django code.

Setting up environment and installing dependencies

1. Set up your virtual environment

Within the terminal, navigate to the location where you'd like to create the new environment and Teachers' Pet project. Create a folder called TeachersPet and navigate within the new folder. Then, enter this text to create the new environment:

virtualenv ENV

Then activate your environment:

source ENV/bin/activate

Note that you can type "deactivate" to end the new environment at any time.

2. Install Django

Within your new TeachersPet folder, download the Django code by typing:

pip install django

3. Download the Teachers' Pet project

Within your new TeachersPet project folder, download the source code by typing:

git clone

4. Starting the project server

After downloading the Teachers' Pet project, you should have a new folder within the Teachers' Pet Project folder that you created. The new folder will also be called TeachersPet. Navigate within this folder. Start the server by typing:

python runserver

5. Navigate to the Teachers' Pet webpage

Within your web browser, navigate to http://localhost:8000/

From here, you should see the main links for the Teachers' Pet application.

Creating the Teachers' Pet DB

While inside the TeachersPet/TeachersPet folder, enter this command:

python makemigrations website

Then enter

python migrate

You now have a database named sqlite3.sql within your existing folder. Use the DB Browser for SQLite to open the new database if desired.


A web app to help EFL and ESL teachers organize their classes and their students.



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