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Releases: AndrewCRMartin/JSAV

Various fixes to restore default behaviour after John's new features

06 Jul 17:37
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This release fixes Bug #28 - various problems with backwards compatibility after John's enhancements.

  • Added GPL v2 licence file
  • Fixed default URL for options.submit
  • Moved options.sorted into a global gSorted array (it wasn't an option!)
  • gTableWidth now a global array
  • Added an error alert if sequences[displayOrder[i]] not defined
  • Fixed default behaviour for clicking on IDs

First Master branch release of John's table-display enhancements with some tidying of code and a bug fix

06 Jul 12:50
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Small bug fix in styling options

25 Feb 17:44
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Small bug fix - the delete button had class 'delete' instead of 'deletebutton' - only used if the user decides to restyle the buttons.

Improved submission of sequences to external code and URLs

11 Feb 16:08
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This release has two new features:

  1. When you use the action button to pass a set of selected sequences to a piece of JavaScript, the code now passes an array of complete sequence objects instead of building an array containing sequence objects with only id and sequence attributes. This means that the sequence object can have additional attributes (such as an accession or primary key for a database table) that mean nothing to JSAV itself and are not displayed, but can be passed out to other code.
  2. When you use idSubmit to pass data for a single sequence to a URL, you used to be limited to passing the sequence itself. Using the new idSubmit option, you can now say which attribute you wish to pass - e.g. the id or some additional attribute that you have placed in the sequence object. The default is to pass the sequence as before.

V1.9 Label support

22 Dec 17:15
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Added options.labels which allows you to specify an array of label strings and options.autoLabels which overrides options.labels and generates sequential labels

Added scrolling of the sequence alignment display

30 Sep 11:44
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options.scrollX and options.scrollY added to allow the sequence alignment table to be scrollable.

Minor display cleanup

24 Sep 08:26
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This version simply displays the region text in a paragraph so that it is correctly styled. Documentation properly updated.

More options and some layout improvements

23 Sep 16:29
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Various new options:

  • options.toggleDotifyLabel - The label for the dotify toggle
  • options.toggleNocolourLabel / options.toggleNocolorLabel - The label for the do-not-colour-dots toggle
  • options.deleteLabel - The label for the delete-selected-sequences button
  • options.idSubmit - Allow a URL to be specified for clicking on an individual sequence label
  • options.idSubmitClean - Removes non-alpha characters from a sequence before submitting it with idSubmit

A few changes to the CSS to improve the layout of buttons on Opera/Safari. Also to make the clickable boxes larger.

CSS commented with things that the user is likely to want to change.

Modify the DOM rather than writing to the document

17 Sep 16:53
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This version modifies the DOM rather than writing to the document. This solves problems when using JSAV with AJAX.

Callback provided for full tooltipster compatibility

19 Jun 10:41
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Tooltipster provides much more attractive tooltips.

This release adds a callback option that allows one to ensure that tooltips within the refreshing part of the display get set to use tooltipster on each refresh