Multilayer Perceptron Nerual Network example
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Multilayer Perceptron Nerual Network example

This repository contains all the files needed to run a multilayer perceptron network and actually get a probalbility for a digit image from MNIST dataset.

##To run this model you need Linux/ Windows

  1. Python 2 or 3 installed with Anaconda 2/3
  2. Install TensorFlow or Theano
  3. Install Keras
  4. Download the project.
  5. Run python in command line with argument of the multylayer erceptron network.
  6. Enjoy

##Detailed tutorial may be found at my blog


  1. This project is based on code samples from Deep Learning with Python book by Jason Brownlee from Machine Learning Mastery site.

  2. A few lines were taken from a Ahem Detector With Deep Learning blog post by Francesco Gadaleta from World of Piggy site.