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Smart resizing for textareas using jQuery
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This plugin resizes textarea height to match it's content height.



Params can also be passed via data-api:

<textarea data-default-height="min" data-animated="false"></textarea>

Available params:

Param Default value Description
minHeight textarea height Minimal height for textarea
maxHeight false (unlimited) Maximal height for textarea. If textarea content is bigger than this value, then scrollbar appears.
defaultHeight false (turned off) Height that will be set to the textarea when it loose focus
animation true Animation for focus loose/restore (works only with non-false defaultHeight values)
animationDuration 'slow' A string or number determining how long the animation will run.
animationEasing 'swing' Callback function, called each time plugin resizes textarea
onResize $.noop Callback function, called on each time plugin resizes the textarea


Andrew Dryga


MIT (Look into file)

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