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Releases: AndrewFM/VoezEditor

Voez Editor v1.06

25 Oct 04:32
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  • Fixing more known inaccuracies between track behaviors in the editor, and track behaviors in the actual game.

Voez Editor v1.05

21 Oct 17:32
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  • Tracks can be positioned beyond screen boundaries.
  • Extra grid snapping options (1/3x, 1/6x, 1/12x).
  • Fixing easing BACK_INOUT so it behaves as expected in original game, new easing option EXIT.
  • Support for OGG files in addition to WAV files.

Voez Editor v1.04

21 Sep 22:52
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  • Support for multiple projects
  • Support for multiple difficulty modes per project
  • Projects page
  • Chart thumbnails and song previews
  • New info file format
  • Note color quantization
  • Ability to shift start/end times of multiple or all keyframes of a track simultaneously
  • Ability to mirror only specific keyframes
  • Project version tracking and auto-migration/upgrading of old projects

Voez Editor v1.03

15 Sep 23:07
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  • Scroll Speed Settings
  • Metronome
  • Hit Sounds
  • Times displayed as both beats and seconds
  • Tracks by default are snapped to whole percentage positions

Voez Editor v1.02

08 Sep 22:35
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Improving input responsiveness

Voez Editor v1.01

04 Sep 05:28
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Slider progress in SS.mmm format instead of MM:SS format