Simple Linux and Mac OSX replacement for the Panasonic LUMIX Map Tool
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##Panasonic LUMIX Map Tool - Open Source edition

This tool is a very simple re-engineered version of the Panasonic LUMIX Map Tool.

It may be used for copying detailed geographic data to the camera's SD card from the CD-ROM / DVD supplied with your DMC-TZ30 Series or DMC-TZ40 Series digital camera.

###Getting Started

  1. Download the file onto your linux or Mac OSX desktop

  2. Open up a Terminal, and type the following


  3. Insert the Panasonic CD-ROM / DVD that came with your DMC-TZ30 or DMC-TZ40 camera, and a formatted SD Card, and follow the instructions



This script is based on Roland Kluge's lumix_map_tool and the comments on his article