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An implementation of the Bellman-Ford algorithm in TypeScript.
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An implementation of the Bellman-Ford algorithm in TypeScript. It is not dependent on node.js, but it does use CommonJS style exports.

To install, use:

npm install bellmanford

It can be used from both TypeScript and JavaScript. The NodeList expects elements that implement the interface INode. INode has only one property: id of type number. As long as your nodes each have distinct ids, you should be fine.


import bf = module("bellmanford");

var nodeList = new bf.NodeList();

for (var i = 0; i < 6; i++) {
nodeList.addNode(new bf.Node());

var nodeArray = nodeList.toArray();

var edgeMap = new bf.EdgeMap(nodeList);

edgeMap.setEdge(nodeArray[0], nodeArray[1], 3);
edgeMap.setEdge(nodeArray[0], nodeArray[2], 2);
edgeMap.setEdge(nodeArray[0], nodeArray[3], 5);

edgeMap.setEdge(nodeArray[1], nodeArray[3], 1);
edgeMap.setEdge(nodeArray[1], nodeArray[4], 4);

edgeMap.setEdge(nodeArray[2], nodeArray[3], 2);
edgeMap.setEdge(nodeArray[2], nodeArray[5], 1);

edgeMap.setEdge(nodeArray[3], nodeArray[4], 3);

edgeMap.setEdge(nodeArray[4], nodeArray[5], 2);

var graph = new bf.Graph(nodeList, edgeMap);

var shortestPaths = graph.getShortestPathsSync(nodeArray[0]);
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