Chrome extension to push changes from Chrome Developer Tools to GitHub.
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This project filled a need I had when I first started writing code. Due to time constraints and other projects, I've stopped supporting it and pulled it from the Chrome store. If it's something you might be interested in maintaining, please send me an email.


hotfix is a chrome extension that lets you push changes from Chrome Developer Tools directly to GitHub.

It utilizes several open source libraries and images which are listed below to give credit where it's due.

Github.js -

Gatekeeper.js -

Spinner.js -

hotfix icon -


If you are wanting to use the extension, as is, please download it from the Chrome Web Store. If you want to fork the project and set up your own implementation, you can follow the steps below.

hotfix is comprised of two parts (each with their own respective directory).

  1. The actual chrome extension (chrome-extension).

  2. A tiny node.js server (server).

First, you will need to setup a Node.js server and push the contents of the /server directory to your new server. You'll probably want to update the package.json file or even fork the project directly from gatekeeper.js. Hotfix is currently hosted at, but any server with Node.js installed will do.

Next, register a new application on GitHub. Look under Account Settings -> Applications -> Register new application. You'll need to enter a name for your application, and use your new node.js server URL for the Main URL and Callback URL. (For example:

Now, you should add your GitHub client_secret and client_id as environment variables on your server.

Then, update /chrome-extension/manifest.json.

"permissions": [
    "",  //replace with your server address here

"content_scripts": [
	"matches": ["*"],   //and here

And update /chrome-extension/authorize.js by replacing with your server address. Leave the /authenticate/+authorizationCode part.

function getAccessToken(authorizationCode, callback){
	var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', ''+ authorizationCode); // <-- here
	xhr.onload = function() {
	xhr.onerror = function() {
		alert('Sorry, there was an error making the request.');

Finally, visit chrome://extensions in your broswer and click on load unpacked extension. Locate the chrome-extension folder on your computer and upload it.

You're done.