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a node.js boilerplate using express,, mongooose, & html 5 mobile/web application.
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a node.js boilerplate using express,, mongooose, & html 5 mobile/web application.


$ npm install node-plates


$ node server.js
$ node server.js -m  use jquery mobile
$ node server.js -w, use website html 5 boilerplate
$ node server.js -c, use client side templating
$ node server.js -s, use server side templating
$ node server.js -a, display article content
$ node server.js -x, use external storage for sessions/registrations/articles using mongoDb


Requires mongoDb via mongoose in order to use the scale option -x

Run mongodb before starting node-plates using the following; where some_data_path is your path to a mongoDb instance data folder. Will throw an 'error connecting to database' if not running..

$ mongod --dbpath some_data_path

Current setup includes

  • Environment cascading configuration files using konphyg
  • Environment based module load
  • Express; with some best practices in place such as:
    • [Error handling with error middleware]
    • [Routes seperated into modules and exported]
    • [Content Negotiation]
    • Route middleware
    • Express production configuration
  • Configuring session stores using konphyg for:
    • In memory
    • Mongo
    • Redis
    • Couch
    • Memcache
  • Supporting multiple view engines using consolidate.js
  • Templating using dust.js
    • Server side templating using dust.js
    • Client side templating using dust.js; with pre-compilation or client side compilation
  • JQuery Mobile template
  • Html5 boilerplate template
  • Using Backbone.js for cleaner javascript
    • handshake with express using configurable sessions
    • production configuration
  • Forms authentication via SSL TLS for secure login/my account pages
  • In/out of process storage
    • scale article content, registrations and sessions using mongoDb
    • will default to using NStore; an in process key/value store for article content, registrations and sessions
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