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const char c1[] PROGMEM = "You are the human equivalent of the cool side of the pillow"; // "String 0" etc are strings to store - change to suit.
const char c2[] PROGMEM = "If you walk into a room full of models, people would be like 'Whoa, who's the foxy one?'";
const char c3[] PROGMEM = "Even if you had a clone, you'd be considered the hot one.";
const char c4[] PROGMEM = "You're so beautiful, someone has probably stolen your pics to catfish people online.";
const char c5[] PROGMEM = "Everyone thinks your hair is really fly.";
const char c6[] PROGMEM = "Your eyebrow game is really strong.";
const char c7[] PROGMEM = "Are you a beaver, because DAMN!";
const char c8[] PROGMEM = "What's cooking, good looking?";
const char c9[] PROGMEM = "Your face: I like it.";
const char c10[] PROGMEM = "You're fun crazy, not 'oh jeez' crazy.";
const char c11[] PROGMEM = "Please help, I am stuck inside a printer.";
const char c12[] PROGMEM = "No moon of Jupiter is as beautiful as you.";
const char c13[] PROGMEM = "You're 'haha' funny.";
const char c14[] PROGMEM = "Your Facebook comments are always really relevant and appreciated.";
const char c15[] PROGMEM = "Your memes are never outdated.";
const char c16[] PROGMEM = "Is your daddy Jack Daniels, because you are intoxicating!";
const char c17[] PROGMEM = "Everyone thinks you are awesome!";
const char c18[] PROGMEM = "You make everyone rofl.";
const char c19[] PROGMEM = "Well done, you've been killing it lately!";
const char c20[] PROGMEM = "No one ever leaves you on 'read'";
const char c21[] PROGMEM = "You can even!";
const char c22[] PROGMEM = "Your hard work is really paying off and people are taking notice!";
const char c23[] PROGMEM = "Keep being amazing!";
const char c24[] PROGMEM = "You are definitely someone's Patronus.";
const char c25[] PROGMEM = "You're so badass, I bet you could simply walk into Mordor.";
const char c26[] PROGMEM = "You're like the sun: too bright to look at for long, but seen anyway, without even looking.";
const char c27[] PROGMEM = "I can just tell you have really good taste in music.";
const char c28[] PROGMEM = "You're worth a million in prizes.";
const char c29[] PROGMEM = "You are my spirit animal!";
const char c30[] PROGMEM = "People never pretend not to see you in the street.";
const char c31[] PROGMEM = "I really enjoy the way you pronounce the word 'defenestrate'.";
const char c32[] PROGMEM = "Your voice is more soothing than Morgan Freeman's";
const char c33[] PROGMEM = "You could probably lead a rebellion.";
const char c34[] PROGMEM = "I bet you have impeccable manners.";
const char c35[] PROGMEM = "You definitely know the difference between there and their.";
const char c36[] PROGMEM = "I bet you do the crossword puzzle in ink.";
const char c37[] PROGMEM = "I bet you sweat glitter.";
//const char c37[] PROGMEM = "asdasd"
// Then set up a table to refer to your strings.
const char* const compliments_table[] PROGMEM = {c1, c2, c3, c4, c5, c6, c7, c8, c9, c10,
c11, c12, c13, c14, c15, c16, c17, c18, c19, c20,
c21, c22, c23, c24, c25, c26, c27, c28, c29, c30,
c31, c32, c33, c34, c35, c36, c37};