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After the deepest sleep you’ve ever experienced, on the softest bed you’ve ever slept on (you can’t recall the last time you slept on an actual bed, let alone a soft one), you awake to soft chirping sounds. The noises seems to be coming from outside. You get out of bed and draw the curtains.
The chirping sounds are coming from docile, midget birds sitting in the trees – a far cry from the bluzzard and death eagles you’re used to. Though the birds seem non-threatening, your hand instinctively grasps the fastener on the window, and you check that it is shut tight. It never pays to take a chance with birds.
“Good morning, good morning!” Milford says cheerfully once you make your descent. “Why are you still wearing those rags? Didn’t you see the nice clothes I had laid out for you?”
You shrug. His choice of outfit wouldn’t protect you for five seconds in a dust storm.
“If you hadn’t solved so many of MM’s puzzles, I wouldn’t take that for an answer.”
Though he follows this statement with a hearty chuckle, there’s something sinister in his tone that sets you on edge.
“Anyway, I have another puzzle for you to solve! Follow me, and try not to track mud, haha!”
Milford leads you into a small room in the back of the house, the only feature of which is a plain wooden desk and chair. On the desk sits a well-maintained desktop computer with a small square screen.
Milford bids you watch the screen over his shoulder as he pecks out a login password and slowly drags the mouse around. Eventually, he opens a folder on the desktop named “MM”. Inside the folder you see a document with the filename “OPENME.DOC”.
“It says ‘open me’, but I just can’t get it open!” Milford cries. “Typical of MM’s sense of humour. But maybe you’ll have more luck. I really don’t have time to fiddle so much with these infernal machines.”
You wave Milford aside and double-click the document. Unsurprisingly, it’s not that easy.
Challenge: The document contains a flag within, retrieve it to continue.