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package main
import (
/* URLS:
/api/user/122434/ -- get user details (BloomSkyUser)
/api/skydevice/find_me/?name= -- search for device via name
/api/skydevice/find_me/?all=test -- returns all devices???
/api/user/122434/ -- show user details
var bloomskyToken string = ""
var bloomUsername string = ""
var bloomPassword string = ""
var searchTerm string = ""
type BloomSkyDeviceData struct {
Temperature float32
seaLevelPressure_inch string
FWVersion2 string
FWVersion1 string
UV_level int
isOffline string
Dewpoint float32
TS int
Rain bool
night bool
Pressure_inch float32
seaLevelPressure string
ImageURL string
Humidity int
Dewpoint_f float32
DeviceType string
Battery_level int
Luminance int
UV_level_max int
ThirdPartyUV int
Temperature_f float32
Voltage int
UVIndex int
type BloomSkySearchForDeviceName struct {
Count int
Previous string
Next string
Results []BloomSkyDeviceDetails
type BloomSkyDeviceUser struct {
Username string
Country string
Userid int
DeviceID string
Nickname string
Id int
type BloomSkyDeviceDetails struct {
C_or_F bool
Distance int
AccessoryType string
BatteryNotification bool
CityName string
Following_User []BloomSkyDeviceUser
VideoList_C []string
PreviewImageList []string
DeviceName string
RainNotification bool
FullAddress string
RegisterTime int
forecast int
NumOfFollowers int
Data BloomSkyDeviceData
UTC int
LON float64
DST int
Owner string
is_newzealand string
DeviceID string
BoundedStorm string
Searchable bool
LAT float64
ALT float32
StreetName string
type BloomSkyUser struct {
username string
email string
cellphone_UDID string
cellphone_OS string
app_version string
cellphone_token string
cellphone_location_lon string
cellphone_location_lat string
cellphone_timezone string
cellphone_dst string
c_or_f string
registration_time string
avatar string
country string
nickname string
login_type string
id string
b_or_h string
m_or_km string
tl_notify string
followed_devices string
owned_devices string
location string
bio string
android_token_44 string
type BloomSkySearchData struct {
Temperature string
ImageURL string
TS string
WindSpeed string
Temperature_f string
WindDirection string
type BloomSkySearchDevice struct {
DeviceName string
UTC string
DST string
LON string
DeviceID string
LAT string
FullAddress string
Data BloomSkySearchData
func main() {
if len(os.Args) < 4 {
fmt.Printf(`bloomsearch <username> <password> <searchterm>
username - Your bloomsky username
password - Your bloomsky password
searchTerm - Bloomsky you are searching for
bloomUsername = os.Args[1]
bloomPassword = os.Args[2]
searchTerm = os.Args[3]
if loginAndGetToken() {
fmt.Println("Got Auth Token, searching for", searchTerm)
} else {
fmt.Println("[!] Invalid username and password")
func findDevices(searchterm string) {
url := "" + searchterm // this searches for a name
//url := "" // this returns all devices? wtf. Needs BloomSkySearchDevice struct
fmt.Println("Making API request to", url)
req, err := http.NewRequest("GET", url, nil)
if err != nil {
fmt.Println("[!] Could not make API request", err)
req.Header.Set("Authorization", "Token "+bloomskyToken)
fmt.Println("Token " + bloomskyToken)
client := &http.Client{}
resp, _ := client.Do(req)
body, _ := ioutil.ReadAll(resp.Body)
var bloomSkySearchResults BloomSkySearchForDeviceName
err = json.Unmarshal(body, &bloomSkySearchResults)
if err != nil {
bloomResults := bloomSkySearchResults.Results
fmt.Printf("%-40s | %-25s | %s \n", "Device Name", "Device ID", "Street Name")
fmt.Printf("%-40s | %-25s | %s \n", "-----------", "---------", "-----------")
for k, _ := range bloomResults {
fmt.Printf("%-40s | %-25s | %s \n", bloomResults[k].DeviceName, bloomResults[k].DeviceID, bloomResults[k].StreetName)
func loginAndGetToken() bool {
message := map[string]interface{}{
"username": bloomUsername,
"password": bloomPassword,
bytesRepresentation, err := json.Marshal(message)
if err != nil {
resp, err := http.Post("", "application/json", bytes.NewBuffer(bytesRepresentation))
if err != nil {
var result map[string]interface{}
tokenValue, ok := result["auth_token"]
if ok {
bloomskyToken = fmt.Sprintf("%v", tokenValue)
return true
return false