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@@ -71,4 +71,13 @@ h2. TODOs
* Make a real gem
* Allow setup and assert to take one-liners
* Smarter determination of test libraries
+* Don't add lines with errors to the context. Also make it possible to pop off the last line.
+* Probably need to clean up bindings between tests
+* Oh man, what would be really cool would be if we didn't just generate tests a strings of text, but actually ran within the test lib's runner so we could take advantage of setup methods, nesting, convenience methods...
+* Some problems with quoting on assertion outputters
+h2. Some cool stuff
+* Muse is based on Pry which gives us some amazing functionality on its own: you can dig into objects, list their instance variables, do tab completion on their methods, and so much more.
+* Use a continuous testing tool. I use infinity_test, but there a bunch out there (e.g. autotest). See the .infinity_test configuration in this project for a usage example.
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