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A simple Radiant extension that provides a method to easily re-render text within a Radius tag
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= Rerender Tags

This extension adds two methods to Radiant's Page model that allows you to easily define tags that can render their contents twice.  The primary use for this is to add support for tags that occur before the necessary information to render them is available.

== Example

Say we want to add have a tag that creates a link to every header in a page.  This would be simple if the tag occurred at the end of the page.  However, most pages want this at the beginning.  The solution is to do something like this:






(A fuller example of this same tag is laid out in spec/models/page_with_rerender_text_spec.rb.)

The <tt><rr:toc/></tt> tag is in a separate namespace than the others and thus won't be evaluated until afterward.  In the <tt><r:capture_headers/></tt> tag we call

<tt>rerender_text(tag.expand, :headers => headers)</tt>

which sets up a new Radius context and parser to expand tags in the "rr" namespace.

== Using other namespaces

If you need to render more than twice, you can change the namespace used for a particular parser and context using the <tt>rerender_with_namespace(text, namespace, options)</tt> method.

== <r:rerender>

This extension includes one tag that acts as a basic rerenderer.  Sometimes the tag that contains a rerenderable tag doesn't need to do anything but call it with the correct namespace due to the fact that tags may have side-effects.  For example, the example above can be





</tt> long as the <r:hx> tags add effect an instance variable of the page that's accessible to
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