Add a "pry" command to ruby-debug to use that as a REPL.

This gem adds a "pry" command to ruby-debug.

To see it in action, run ruby examples/foo.rb and type "pry" at the debug prompt.

To use it in a project, add this to your Gemfile:

gem "ruby-debug-pry", :require => "ruby-debug/pry"

For more information on pry, read this article.

This has been tested on Ruby 1.8.7 p334 and Ruby 1.9.2 p136 and seems to work.

Future Steps

Right now I don't have any of the additional features that ruby-debug's IRB command has. I don't really use them, but it would be nice to have them.

  • next, step, and cont support
  • add autopry configuration variable
  • make debugger state accessible as a global variable