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This project is my vim setup. It's intended to work on a Linux box with a vim compiled with +python, though it should load just fine even otherwise, only with less features.

To try it out, backup your .vimrc and your .vim directory and checkout this repository as ~/.vim. Afterwards, create a symbolic link from ~/.vim/.vimrc to ~/.vimrc and checkout all submodules:

git clone git:// ~/.vim
ln -s ~/.vim/.vimrc ~/.vimrc
cd ~/.vim
git submodule init
git submodule update

Occasionally, I remap built-in mappings, so use with caution, and preferably read "startup/mappings.vim" beforehand to avoid nasty surprises.

Alternatively, you can read and selectively pick stuff for your own configuration, which I highly recommend. A short guide to where you can find most of my customizations follows below. If you're interested in vim plugins I've published, you can find a list on my profile page.


The "startup" directory is basically my .vimrc, except separated into mappings, settings and so on. The borders between a few things are blurry, though. The reason they're not in plugin is because it's necessary to either load them very early or load them in a specific order. Or, they just haven't made sense to me as "plugins".


The "miniplugins" directory contains small scripts that I don't consider good plugin material, but are useful anyway.


The "wip" directory contains stuff that I'm currently working on. These are probably incomplete experiments that I can't build plugins from just yet. Note that I have a rather loose definition of "currently".


The "projects" directory holds "project" files. I use this in combination with the proj plugin to load some project-specific settings depending on what I'm working on right now.

Nerdtree plugins

The "nerdtree_plugin" directory is not the stock one that comes with the NERDTree plugin. It contains a few of my own scripts, although I've moved most of the interesting ones to a separate plugin called Andrew's NERDTree.

Filetype-specific stuff

A lot of interesting things can be found in the "ftplugin" directory. I occasionally build useful stuff for filetypes I use often. These are probably not very generic or redistributable, which is why I tend to put them there.

Party tricks

  • You can view the contents of various kinds of binary files directly with Vim, thanks to Tim Pope's afterimage plugin and the JavaDecompiler plugin. This includes:

    • PNG and GIF images. For best results, open in a GUI instance of Vim. Requires imagemagick.
    • Word documents. Requires antiword.
    • PDFs. Requires pdftk.
    • Java .class files. Requires jad.
  • You can start an ASCII nyan cat in a new tab with the :Nyancat and :Nyancat2 commands, courtesy of the nyancat plugin

  • You can turn any text into ASCII art by marking it in visual mode and executing :Figlet, implemented by the figlet plugin. Requires the figlet command.

  • A plugin I made for April Fools:


  • The file "autoload/lib.vim" contains (mostly) general-purpose functions I've felt could be useful in various places.
  • The file "colors/andrew.vim" is my personal colorscheme, which is a modified elflord.
  • The "after" directory may contain some interesting things that had to be placed there for late loading.


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