A small C program to execute something after a set amount of time.
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This little program does a very simple thing: it takes a time and a program
with its set of arguments and executes the program after the given time has
passed. It can easily be replaced with a shell script, but it's mostly an
exercise in C as a university project (although I will be using it in
restraining myself from overworking :))

By adding an 'm' after the time, it's in minutes, otherwise it's in seconds.
That should be enough.

By adding a '-v' before the time parameter, the program outputs the number of
minutes remaining every minute. a '-v -v' does the same with seconds. That can
be used to pipe that to a toolbar or something to display the remaining time (I
use it with xmobar).

Sending a SIGQUIT pauses the program, which seems silly, but it was one of two
keyboard-controllable signals I'm aware of, and the other is the ubiquitous