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Note: This was hacked together in like half an hour or something. It is not ready at all. It will most likely remain unfinished for at least a few weeks more.

A plugin that helps with translating strings in rails. Given a piece of view code like this:

<h1>Hello, World!</h1>

We need to add it to the translation file. To do this, first we change it to this:

<h1><%=t 'Hello, World!' %></h1>

Then, mark the text in visual mode and execute :Rtranslate views.hello heading. This should result in the text being changed to this:

<h1><%=t 'views.hello.heading' %></h1>

And an entry will be added in config/locales/en.yml:

    heading: Hello, World!

This will currently only work if the views.hello path already exists and I'm not even sure if it'll handle indentation properly. As noted above, this is very not finished for now.