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This plugin is meant to simplify a task I've found too common in my workflow: switching between a single-line statement and a multi-line one.

I usually work with ruby and a lot of expressions can be written very concisely on a single line. A good example is the "if" statement:

puts "foo" if bar?

This is a great feature of the language, but when you need to add more statements to the body of the "if", you need to rewrite it:

if bar?
  puts "foo"
  puts "baz"

The idea of this plugin is to introduce a single key binding for transforming a line like this:

<div id="foo">bar</div>

Into this:

<div id="foo">

And another binding for the opposite transformation. This currently works for various constructs in ruby and erb, and for tags in html/xml.

For more information, try :help splitjoin, or take a look at the help file online at doc/splitjoin.txt

For more examples and corner cases, you can explore the "examples" directory here: examples. It's not present in the downloadable zip file to avoid cluttering your vimfiles with useless stuff.

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