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## Usage
-Vimrunner can be used in one of two main ways:
+If you don't already have a running Vim server, Vimrunner can be used in one
+of two main ways:
# Vim will automatically be started and killed.
@@ -66,6 +67,15 @@ you can control Vim. For a full list of methods you can invoke on the remote
Vim instance, check out the [`Client`
+If you already have a remote-capable Vim server running, you can connect
+Vimrunner to it directly by using `Vimrunner.connect` like so:
+# Assuming a running Vim server called FOO...
+vim = Vimrunner.connect("FOO")
+vim.insert("Hello world!")
## Testing
If you're using Vimrunner for testing vim plugins, take a look at the

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